Sonntag, 2. August 2009

No-Spend-Month - Review

I can't believe four weeks are over ... 31 days on a budget.

  • We did not go hungry ...

  • we did not skip any of our favorite foods

  • we did not stay at home the hole time

  • we did not fight over the budget ... or the grocery list

NO, surprise surprise the experiment went very smooth ... honestly ... for a NO-Spend-Month too smooth and therefore Prince Charming and me decided to just continue ... living on a budget of 500 Euro per month.

What we did do for the last weeks ...

  • ... trying to find food that is on sale

  • ... driving to work together
    (which means I have to get up at 5:30 instead of 7)

  • ... preparing a lunchbox for Prince Charming and me

  • ... get creative in respect of birthday presents (we had 3 last month) instead of just rushing to the store and buy something

  • ... planning ahead

  • ... using up what we have stored in the freezer

We were spoiled, we were lazy, we just bought the things we wanted ... but we did not appreciated them. No ... not at all - and that has changed - and I am soo glad and thankful for it.
Rachel ... you and your family have been such an inspiration and we will ... maybe in January ... do a "real" No-Spend-Month ... but for now ... we will continue living frugal.

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