Mittwoch, 8. Juli 2009

No-Spend-Month - First Review

First weeks review:
(When comparing prices please keep in mind that we live in Germany)

Our first week has not been as tough as we thought but it wasn't easy either.
We did OK for the first week.

Our budget for a week is 113,75 Euro.

We had to fill up Prince Charming's car with car which added up to 40 Euro.
Then we went over to a friends house on night for barbeque as the weather was great last week. I offered to bring the meat (marinaded pork and beef) as Prince Charming and I were heading there right from work. I paid 16 Euro for 12 pieces of meat plus 10 sausages. We could even take some left-overs home and put them in the freezer.

We also did some grocery shopping.
In total we paid 113,74 Euro. (whooohoo, we were ONE cent under our budget)

What I learned this week:
Over the last years we really got used to just buy what we see - regardless of the price (in regard to groceries). And most time we did not even look at the offers. That has changed.

I got 5 pounds of apricots as well as 5 pounds of peaches for each 2.99 - and made some jars of jam. JUMMY

I'm looking forward to week 2.

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Rachel hat gesagt…

Great job! You are off to a great start. Paying attention to prices and sticking to your budget is the most important part.