Donnerstag, 2. Juli 2009

City T(h)oursday

Welcome to Bremen!

My name is Nimmi and from this Thursday on I'll be your tourguide and invite you to join me on a short Citytour. I know that you guys are always short of time therefore I will keep the walks quick. There are lots of places I wanna show you, lots of stories I wanna tell you. So com'on let's go.

Bremen is a charming city located in the North of Germany. With it's 1200 years of history the city can sure tell many stories and has lots of interesting places to offer.

The townhall as well as the 'Roland' are listed in the "Unesco world heritage list". The 'Schnorr' a maze of lanes lined with cute little houses is a great escape from the 'real' world. The houses are set very close together like pearls on a string and walking through the lanes feels like stepping into a long past century. Give me some time and you will get to see many details. There is the biblical garden behind the "Dom" - a fantastic retreat from the busy city. The 'Böttcherstreet' with more architecture to see and I have a special tour in mind showing you many religious signs which can be found in rather unexpected places.

But for today I start with the famous 'Bremer musicians'. Many of you porabably now the story of the "Bremer musicians" - a story written by the brothers Grimm. If you are among the very few which haven't heard of this story you can read here.

I have to admit that so most visitors are a bit disappointed when they get to see the statue in reality as it is rather small. But something one shouldn't miss.

I hope you enjoyed the first tour of my city and I would love to see you again next week.

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