Donnerstag, 16. Juli 2009

City T(h)oursday - Garden No. 5 - 8

Wecome Back!

This week we will visit the remaining 4 "City-Gardens". I hope you enjoy the tour and let me know which garden you liked best.

Garden No. 5
Our garden combines the extremes heaven and hell and the elements fire, earth, water and air.
The arrangement of the garden reflects the color schemes of fire and earth: red – for example the leaves of the maple – and orange which are cozy and passionate. Materials such as the black glass, steel and ceramics set a course. Air and water will corrode the steel over the years … and the sandstone would have never been formed without high pressure in connection with temperature

A sunlounger invites the visitors to let his eyes wander across the sky and to be reminded that everything depends on the point of view.

Garden No. 6

Although even on earth the connection between heaven and hell cannot be brought along – the landscapers try to show the pros and cons.
In heaven one can find rest areas to relax and rest. Flowers delight with their blossoms and green.
In hell there are no rest areas and sharp and craggy materials in dark colors are not very inviting.

Garden No. 7

The boardwalk forms the center line of this garden. And together with the water it is a focal point.

A heavenly place where one can relax and enjoy the nature has been created here.

Garden No. 8
This garden portrays a copse – which was a holy place with charisma and or ravishing beauty in the ancient world. The huge vase which is placed in the garden is used as a fountain. In the Renaissance vases were a symbol for hell and by placing the vase in a spring – which should mark the entrance to hell – this has been pointed out again.
The pergola frames the sky and the blooming flowers and fructiferous trellis reflect the temptations of life.

Next week I will continue the walk through the City and show you some tourist attractions. Keep your fingers crossed that there is at least one fine day next week, as I need to take the pictures I want to post.

Hope to see you next week.

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