Mittwoch, 25. Februar 2009

Week of Kindness - Focusing on Myself

Today is Ash Wednesday and that means start of the Lent Season. From today until Easter day I will give up any kind of treats (no chocolate, no gum, no cookies, no cake). I’m doing this the third year and it really works for me. Skipping all this only works out at this time, I can not do it for any 40 days throughout the rest of the year althought I tried a a couple of times.

Besides the treats I used to choose one more thing that I would give up. 2007 I gave up TV. Couldn’t do that in 2008 as I never started watching TV again after Easter 2007 so last year I gave up my beloved Caramel Latte Macchiato. (AND that was really hard.)

This year I decided to do a journey through Gary Chapman’s book “Love as a Way of Life" on top of all that. The first chapter/week is about Kindness.

When thinking about this post I came up with many ways in how I can be kind to others. Watching my friends kids so she can have a couple of hours for herself, inviting my mom for a trip to the museum, offering my help for the “World Day of Prayer” event at my church … but as I wanted to put all this into words my mind kept wandering. I did try to focus back on the issue but … no success. So I started a new page and just let God set the words for me. And instead of focusing on others all I could come up with were ways of how I can be kind to MYSELF over the next 7 days.

Do I really have to admit loud that I have been totally reject MY needs. No sports for months (my back keeps reminding me of this fact constantly since weeks but I just ignore the pain - shame on me), quiet time for me (always something else to do). My hands haven't seen a manicure in ... well a very long time and I could go on for ever.
OK I will be especially kind to myself for the next 7 days.

Fittingly I booked a class at our aldut education centre titled: "Massage with singing bowls" I am really looking forward to it.

Yesterday I found the blog Here Amy wrote that God doesn't want our chocolate or anything else but that HE wants us. I think she is soo right.

Therefore I will add daily praying time in the morning for the next 40 days (and can join the 5:16 club)

And as mentioned in my last post I will go through “Love as a Way of Life”.

Have a wonderful Lent season.

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flowerpot hat gesagt…

It's neat to hear another person who does not watch TV. I hope your kindness activities are going well.