Samstag, 21. Februar 2009

Love as a Way of Life

I picked up a copy of the book "Love as a Way of Life" and started flipping through it. Soon I found out this was not a book to just read but that I really need to work through it. As it has 7 chapters I thought it would be a great thing to work on through this year's Lent season.

Therefore I will start working on the book beginning this Wednesday and hope that you will join me. The first chapter is about KINDNESS. I will share my thoughts on this on with you and hope that I can inspire you and that you also will inspire me.
(If I can figure out how to do this Mr. Linky-thing I will set this up and you can link to your posts.)

So get your copy out and join me. I'm looking forward to start this journey and hear from you.

Have a great weekenend.

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