Mittwoch, 25. Februar 2009

Week of Kindness - Focusing on Myself

Today is Ash Wednesday and that means start of the Lent Season. From today until Easter day I will give up any kind of treats (no chocolate, no gum, no cookies, no cake). I’m doing this the third year and it really works for me. Skipping all this only works out at this time, I can not do it for any 40 days throughout the rest of the year althought I tried a a couple of times.

Besides the treats I used to choose one more thing that I would give up. 2007 I gave up TV. Couldn’t do that in 2008 as I never started watching TV again after Easter 2007 so last year I gave up my beloved Caramel Latte Macchiato. (AND that was really hard.)

This year I decided to do a journey through Gary Chapman’s book “Love as a Way of Life" on top of all that. The first chapter/week is about Kindness.

When thinking about this post I came up with many ways in how I can be kind to others. Watching my friends kids so she can have a couple of hours for herself, inviting my mom for a trip to the museum, offering my help for the “World Day of Prayer” event at my church … but as I wanted to put all this into words my mind kept wandering. I did try to focus back on the issue but … no success. So I started a new page and just let God set the words for me. And instead of focusing on others all I could come up with were ways of how I can be kind to MYSELF over the next 7 days.

Do I really have to admit loud that I have been totally reject MY needs. No sports for months (my back keeps reminding me of this fact constantly since weeks but I just ignore the pain - shame on me), quiet time for me (always something else to do). My hands haven't seen a manicure in ... well a very long time and I could go on for ever.
OK I will be especially kind to myself for the next 7 days.

Fittingly I booked a class at our aldut education centre titled: "Massage with singing bowls" I am really looking forward to it.

Yesterday I found the blog Here Amy wrote that God doesn't want our chocolate or anything else but that HE wants us. I think she is soo right.

Therefore I will add daily praying time in the morning for the next 40 days (and can join the 5:16 club)

And as mentioned in my last post I will go through “Love as a Way of Life”.

Have a wonderful Lent season.

Samstag, 21. Februar 2009

Love as a Way of Life

I picked up a copy of the book "Love as a Way of Life" and started flipping through it. Soon I found out this was not a book to just read but that I really need to work through it. As it has 7 chapters I thought it would be a great thing to work on through this year's Lent season.

Therefore I will start working on the book beginning this Wednesday and hope that you will join me. The first chapter is about KINDNESS. I will share my thoughts on this on with you and hope that I can inspire you and that you also will inspire me.
(If I can figure out how to do this Mr. Linky-thing I will set this up and you can link to your posts.)

So get your copy out and join me. I'm looking forward to start this journey and hear from you.

Have a great weekenend.

Donnerstag, 12. Februar 2009

Why I love my Prince Charming

This post was inspired by the SWAK Valentine carnival hosted by Kristen {We Are That Family}. Click your way over if you’re up for more love stories.

50 reasons why I love my Prince Charming

  1. He makes me laugh.
  2. He is my best friend.
  3. He is generous.
  4. He cooks me dinner.
  5. He picks me up after I had a girls-night-out whenever and wherever I like.
  6. He sometimes sets a romantic table for me – with roses, candles and napkins and a three course meal.
  7. He buys me flowers regularly.
  8. He can handle me. (And that’s sometimes a real challenge.)
  9. He is honest.
  10. He shares my love of the US (our favorite place for vacations).
  11. He is taking dancing lessons with me.
  12. He is generous.
  13. He doesn’t drink.
  14. Being on a business trip in South America at our last anniversary he asked a friend to buy some red roses and bring them over to our house. Regrettably I was not at home at that time and the friend decided to do the grocery shopping first, and then come back later. We bumped into each other at the parking lot a she gave the flowers and a big hug right there. I had tears in my eyes.
  15. He doesn’t smoke.
  16. He washes my car.
  17. He doesn’t party.
  18. He doesn’t have an expensive hobby.
  19. He doesn’t love his car it is just a commodity. (Even though it’s said that the automobile is the favorite toy / plaything for the Germans)
  20. He isn’t picky about food. (Except for fish and tomatoes)
  21. He is loyal.
  22. He had a bubble bath waiting for me, when I got icy feet from waiting for my delayed tram last winter. (Including candles lit in the bathroom as well as my favorite music playing) – The other day he had to work nightshift while I stayed in town late meeting some of my friends at our Christmas market. I called him up before he left and told him that it was soo cold and I would take a bath first thing coming home. When I came home 2 hours later I found a red rose on each of the steps upstairs (we have 15 steps) and then they continued all the way to the bathroom. He had set up the candles, a glass of champagne, my favorite bath essence and some music. All I had to do was filling the tub and relax (and dry the tears that were running down my cheeks).
  23. He is a handyman.
  24. He built a home for us.
  25. He is ambitious.
  26. He loves his job.
  27. He accepts a challenge.
  28. He learns French.
  29. He is being very helpful.
  30. He is great with people.
  31. He always fills up my windshild washer system.
  32. He takes my out for dinner.
  33. He is my better half.
  34. He is holding my hand while we are taking a walk.
  35. He is making a detour on his way home from work just to buy my favorite cake at the bakery.
  36. He works as a volunteer for our local auxiliary fire brigade as well as for their youth fire brigade since almost 20 years now.
  37. He never argues about finances.
  38. He is mowing the lawn in the summer.
  39. He loves my parents.
  40. He even takes care of our vegetable garden – it was his idea in the first place and I love it.
  41. He is my rock – I can always lean on him.
  42. He can be weak.
  43. He cries when we watch a sentimental movie or TV-show.
  44. He is encouraging.
  45. He is at least a bookworm as I am.
  46. He is romantic.
  47. He for sure knows how to kiss.
  48. He is THE ONE for me.
  49. He promised to always cherish and honor me. (Ohh wait … something missing … to always LOVE and cherish and honor me.) (Sorry Prince just teasing you!)We said our wedding vows all by ourself and Prince Charming was a bit nervous. He started with: I will always cherish and honor you … trailed of, shook his head, mumbled that there was something missing and started all over again this time the “right” way.
  50. He LOVES me dearly.

I am so blessed to be your wife and promise here and now that I will do my utmost to become the wife you absolute deserve. (Which I haven't been during the last year.)

Sending a million hugs and kisses over the ocean. Happy Valentine's day.

PS: I'd love to share a picture of us with you but have to ask the Prince Charming first for his approval.

Montag, 2. Februar 2009

Motivate Me Monday!

Ohh dear, it's Monday Morning again and I can truly sing out loud: I don’t like Mondays

Therefore today’s post of Sarah Mae over at the Like a warm cup of coffee: Motivate Me Monday! Super Duper Goal List! was just the right inspiration.

It is because of the Lord's mercy and loving-kindness that we are not consumed, because His [tender] compassions fail not. They are new every morning; great and abundant is Your stability and faithfulness." Lamentations 3:22,23
Die Güte des HERRN ist's, dass wir nicht gar aus sind; seine Barmherzigkeit hat noch kein Ende, sondern sie ist alle Morgen neu, und deine Treue ist groß. Klagelieder 3:22,23

And now my work day is almost over and I must admit that this Monday was not too bad. Had an appointment at the hairsalon during my lunch break and boy … I look and feel great now. Getting my hair down always brightens my mood.

I have a meeting at church tonight - discussing the agenda 2009 of our ladies group. They often come up with such amazing ideas - let's see what they came up with this time.

Wishing everyone a great evening.