Freitag, 16. Januar 2009

Welcome back!

Happy New Year – although the first half of this month already gone!!

My resolution for 2009 – start blogging again … so I start the internet and … instead of writing a post for my blog I find myself lost in reading other people's blogs. And what wonderful, amazing, creative, honest, outgoing people are out there.

But to achieve my goal and really get started I have to limit my time just surfing through the blogs and will just read, at least for a while, only this blog The Inspired Room. I just love the idea of "A beautiful life – 12 months of goals" and Melissa has really inspired my. Thank you so much, Melissa!
I came by her blog through a search of Alexandra Stoddard and her book "Living a beautiful life".

Well 12 months – 12 goals for a more beautiful life. I haven't figured out what I want to do each month but my goal for January is financial freedom.

With finances being a big matter these days I want to put ours on a solid basis but to tell you the truth … it always gives me a big headache to go through all that:

  • Daily spending – ohh about 20 times I started very enthusiastic on the 1st of a month and forgot about the hole issue latest on the 10th
  • Optimizing the investments of our savings –this one's easy as we built our own house 5 years ago and hey – what are savings??? The money I can buy all the flowers I want to put into my garden, the new curtains I want, the chairs I want for my new porch …
    OK slowing we were able to put some money away but it's not such a big amount to worry over.
  • Necessary insurances – ohh I really hate this. What do I really need, which insurance company shall I take

Therefore my hubby and I were just leaving things as there have been for the past years but now that our financial situation is changing – for the better (lucky us I know and I'm very thankful for that) it has been time for a check-up. But whom to trust?

Well I bought this book a couple of months ago and kind of liked it. Geld steht jeder Frau (Money suits every women) written by a wonderful lady who has been in the financial business for many years. She has her office in Munich which is too far away for me but there is a branch office in Hamburg. They are specialized in financial service for women and I had an appointment on Wednesday. We had a very nice meeting and now I'm waiting for the offer. AND I feel so good that I got started on this matter … now the next thing on my list is my annual wage-tax adjustment. (But I hope the necessary papers won't come too soon.)

Who is taking care of the financial matters in your marriage / partnership? You, your husband, both of you together? I'd like to hear from you!

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