Freitag, 16. Januar 2009

Mr. Linky

Mr. Linky on Melissas blog made me think of this past week. Was my home a beautiful place to be this week?

Hmm, I wasn't home much this week and my hubby is on a business trip and the house feels so empty without him. But in general yes it feels like a beautiful place.

Hubby and I finally, after 5 years of living in this house, completed our basement last week. We still needed to lay tiles on the floor in one room as well as on the steps of the stairway. (This was done by my Granddad and hubby right after Christmas). And now the walls and the stairway needed to be painted. To do the floor of the one room we needed to clean it out and ohh boy it is unbelievable what was all hiding down there. Among many, many other things there were buckets of paint. To save money (according to my goal for this month - improving our financial situation) we wanted to use all this paint which had been left over from all our previous projects. Mixing it gave a quite nice color and hubby and I got started and finished in just one weekend. It turned out really nice and every time I go down there now I am smiling. It looks so much better now. (Regrettably I can't share any pictures as hubby took our camera with him.) But I will post them later.

Yes I love our home despite I seem always to find a new project to but on my list … but as Melissa pointed out in one of her recent posts "I've just recently come to this new place in life where I can be content with undone. I can wait. I can patiently work on my rooms as I have time and money." She is so right and I will constantly remind me that everything needs it time but I'm such an impatient person.

I wish everybody out there a fantastic weekend.

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