Dienstag, 27. März 2007

Spring decoration

Time for changes ! Two weeks ago it was time for a new decoration (... but I didn't find the time to post this pics earlier.) So I'll show you some corners of my living room and my crafts-room - I hope you'll like it.

Lately I found so many neat thing that I could not resist buying. The heart in the above picture and the white one on the left I found in a garden centre.

The grey one has been a gift of my sweety for Valentines Day - together with a red rose. It fits perfectly to the grey paint of my living room.

And here you see MY place ... This has been a really messy, untidy room at the beginning of this year but I managed to organize it.

Now I have a place were I can do some craft.

To be honest, up to now I didn't find the time and the passion to really sit down and start. Not that there aren't enough things I would like to get done.
Maybe I will show you some of my unfinished and planned projects in one of my next posts.

But it is good to know that I could get started right away.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures ... I will show some more corners of my house soon.

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