Samstag, 3. März 2007

Flower Show

Today my sweetie and I went to an Indoor Flower Show. As the weather outside is grey, raining, today pretty cold again and absolutely no spring in sight this was a great escape.

Different flowerbeds each with a theme and put toghether by one of the nearby seedling nursery could be seen. For me the best is this one called "Beer garden. Different beer crate with empty bottles have been put up and some of the bottles have been filled with flowers.

This one is called "Blue Dream" . Wonderful lilac flowers, blue blossoms of hydrangea and white baby's breath are shown.

Honestly, I'm sick of this grey look outside and can't await to see Spring's coming. But the most of the flowers in my garden are still sleeping and I miss the great varity of colors.

Therefore I could resist to buy some new flowers for my garden at this show. Buttercups in different colours, a flower called Polianthus (lat. tuberosa 'The pearl'). Also I have never seen it before the picture just looks great. Hopefully it will bloom as it will really goes very well with my roses. And then some Mini-amaryllis (lat. Habranthus robustus) in pink. I already made up a place where I will put them and hopefully in July I can post a picture.

The "garden" on the right is called "Happy Metal".
Please don't ask my why.

The metal ball on the left with the white callas looks just great but my sweetie didn't agree to that. The rusty metal is not something he likes, especially not in our garden.

We spend a wonderful day inside, hiding from the aweful weather and had a really good time.

I wish everyone a nice Sunday. Hope to see you soon.

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