Sonntag, 14. Januar 2007

Since two weeks we have stormy weather and for tonight they have forecasted the heaviest storm since years. Hopefully it will not hit us too hard.

But every cloud has a silver lining and due to this bad weather I managed to tidy up the first room of our house. Yeah what a good feeling. (OK, honestly ... I have 7 more rooms to go. A lot work. But step by step I will manage the chaos.)

And yesterday, during a short sunny period I took the chance for a short walk. It was a good feeling to breathe some fresh air, feel the wind in my hair and let my mind wander. I passed by a tiny little shop and saw a neat teapot with a matching teacup at the showcase. It has a pattern of small roses and I was not able to overcome the temptation to buy it.

Now I will take a steaming cup of tea, get out some of my pictures and will do some scrapbooking. Have a nice hopefully not stormy evening.

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thomas hat gesagt…

hi sweety, soon i´m on the way back to germany. only 24 hours and i will be back. i love you soo much. we will see us at the airport on friday. by
dein dicker